A New Generation of Power©

Smith Cogeneration and its affiliated group of companies have developed and operated projects over the past 30 years that seek to improve economic and energy efficiency in various industries with environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

Smith Cogeneration has a proven record of accomplishment from development through financing, construction, and commercial operation of large projects, as demonstrated by the success of the 120 MW PowerSmith Cogeneration Project, the first independent cogeneration project in Oklahoma, and the 185 MW SmithCogeneration project in the Dominican Republic, the world's first combined-cycle combustion turbine power plant to be mounted on a floating platform.

Bitcoin Mining

After a period of inactivity Smith Cogeneration is back in business developing Bitcoin mining projects with hyper-efficient use of energy. Smith Cogeneration is teamed up with Envision Exploration in a new company, the BMC Group LLC. BMC has a unique engineering solution to reduce the venting and unproductive use of stranded natural gas. Smith Cogeneration founder Don Smith has developed, and has a patent pending with this unique solution:

  • the power island is based on the world's most efficient power generation plant which is also able to be relocated in components by truck
  • the project relocates every 3 years to a new site offering stranded gas
  • the power island burns natural gas at half the cost of other mobile power plants
  • waste heat from the generator provides free energy to produce chilled water by absorption cooling
  • the chilled water cools oil in which Bitcoin mining computers are immersed, allowing them to operate at 40% higher processing speeds, generating 40% more revenue

BMC is developing 10 of these $100 million redeployable facilities from Alberta to Texas. www.bmcgroupok.com.

Other Businesses

Apart from electric power generation, the Smith Cogeneration family of companies also include companies that have worked in the development of a Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in Downeast, Maine, a super-efficient high-speed boat hull design, and a new bloodline of Angus cattle that uses far fewer natural resources to create a tender, tasty, and yet far more healthy steak.


With his new company Flagship Omega 3 Beef Don Smith has invented a method of making beef into a healthier food. By feeding cattle a natural plant containing high omega-3s, the beef contains the heart, brain, and eye healthy DHA and EPA like in ocean fish. The beef has the same great taste for beef lovers.