Don Van Pelt Smith


Donald Van Pelt SmithDon Van Pelt Smith, BA Harvard, PhD economics Brown, taught at SMU before joining Senator Gary Hart’s staff in Washington, became VP Finance at GHK Gas Exploration in OKC, founded Smith Cogeneration in 1983.

Smith Cogeneration built the PowerSmith cogeneration plant, OKC; a modern barge mounted power plant, Dominican Republic; and initiated cogeneration projects India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan.  In 1991, Don initiated a new blood line of cattle at DuckSmith Farms with genetics maximizing marbling and minimizing other fats.

In 2006 with the Transonic Hull Company Don built a new shaped boat  to eliminate the creation of waves. In 2004, Don established Quoddy Bay LNG on Maine’s Passamaquoddy Reservation, to bring gas to New England to allow the dismantling of polluting power plants. 

In 2006, Don founded Smith Algae BioFuels to grow algae with CO2 from power plant exhaust.  One algae will grow fat to make biodiesel and high protein animal feed.  Another whole algae, containing omega-3 fatty acids, will feed DuckSmith Farm cattle to provide healthy fats, like salmon.  

Don recently married Krissa Van Pelt Smith, and lives in Aspen and Oklahoma City.  Don’s son Michael is a financial specialist; son Brian lives in Central America.